ADDSTAR ®| detergent powder colored speckles

دانه رنگی پودر لباس شویی

One of the products of Niko Pak Naghsh Jahan Company is the colored speckles of washing powder (detergent powder) with the brand of  ADDSTAR ® . This product with a special formulation is one of the additives used in the detergent production industry, which can be offered at a reasonable …

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Softstar®| Bentonite Granules fabric softener

soft star shakhes

 Nikoopak naghshe jahan Company established with the aim of achieving technical knowledge and production of special additives for using in detergent powder.This company, by advantaging a powerful organized research and development unit and well-equipped laboratory, managed to domesticate the technical knowledge of production of intercalated activated bentonite granules with the …

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