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One of the products of Niko Pak Naghsh Jahan Company is the colored speckles of washing powder (detergent powder) with the brand of  ADDSTAR ® . This product with a special formulation is one of the additives used in the detergent production industry, which can be offered at a reasonable price and quality. ADDSTAR ® is formulated with a salt formula (Nacl) and a coating of highly adsorbed minerals such as bentonite.

Due to the fact that the use of colored salt crystals in the detergent powder formula has problems such as storage and clumping upon contact with moisture, reduced free flow property of the detergent powder, lack of proper appearance in the powder and concerns about corrosion problems in the washing environment, powder manufacturers Detergents are usually used with more caution. Nikopak research and development experts have been able to solve the expected problems of this product by creating a suitable coating of minerals with high adsorption on the surface of salt grains and offer the product to their customers with a completely special and designed formulation and at a reasonable price. Tests performed in laboratory incubators with humidity above 70% show that the ADDSTAR ® has been able to maintain its special properties even in humid environments.

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ADDSTAR ® Product Features

  • Appropriate Granulation size
  • No clumping due to mineral coating
  • Use high quality colors
  • Variety of colors
  • No staining on the fabric
  • Low insoluble percentage

The Detergent powder colored Speckles of NikooPak release their pigment-containing part in water as soon as they come in contact with water. This property, along with the use of suitable and hygienically approved pigments, makes it not stain on the fabric. ADDSTAR ® after opening in water has a maximum of about 20% insoluble and due to the high quality of bentonite used does not contain particles larger than 50 microns..

ADDSTAR ® colored granules  as a Post-add additive can be used in the production process of detergent washing powders (laundry powder). The recommended amount of this product in colored samples is about 1-3% of detergent powder.

add star produce in three color : pink,blue and green also The white sample of this product with a color that is completely in line with detergent powder, as a special filler with a competitive price, has been considered by the detergent powder manufacturers.

Quality control tests for ADDSTAR ® colored Speckles of washing powder

The quality control tests of this product have been developed based on negotiations with the largest global manufacturers of the product and its performance has been examined.

  • Check for stains on the fabric
  • Investigation of moisture absorption in humid environment
  • Measuring product size distribution
  • Bulk density measurement

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